Winter panoramic view of Albuquerque from Sandia Crest
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The vantage point for this picture, taken on March 22, 2003, is the SW corner of the deck of the Crest House at Sandia Crest, Elevation 10,678 feet.  To the far left you can see the picture windows of the new Crest House Gift Shop extension.  Continuing to the right, Rosy-finch Feeder #2 comes into view between the snow-flocked trees.  Clouds obscure the southern spine of  the Sandia Mountains.  Moving right, the City of Albuquerque appears to the west, below.  Then we see the bare aspen trees where Clark's Nuthatchers gather (most winters) and the Northern Pygmy-owl sometimes perches during the day.  Feeder #3 is attached to the deck railing on the right.  Upslope to the north is the Crest public observation area (obscured by the trees).  
This image is composed of 8 separate handheld photos taken with a Canon A40.  They were joined together using Canon PhotoStitch.
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