Cedar Crest, New Mexico
Wide Panorama of Cedar Crest, NM in March, 2003
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This is an expanded view, looking eastward from the northwest corner of Cedar Crest, NM.

To the left (north), nearby we see the forested slopes of the Cibola National Forest boundary, and in the distance snow-capped Santa Fe Baldy in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Homes in Sandia Park are in the foreground to the north.  Obsuring most of Baldy are the Ortiz Mountains, first Ortiz Peak over Madrid and then, nearer in the northeast, San Pedro Peak. Ridge Road cuts diagonally up Piñon Ridge, which dominates the near horizon as we pan eastward. NM-14 emerges from behind the near ridge and courses cleanly southward. On the near side of NM-14 directly east is the Ventana del Sol Subdivision. To the southeast, the low profile of the Manzanita Mountains emerges and is punctuated by conical Cedro Peak.  Far to the south are the snow covered twin peaks of the Manzano Mountains.

For a smaller, more detailed view of Ventana del Sol, CLICK HERE.
For a view to the west from Ventana del Sol, CLICK HERE.
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